Chris' New 3K GT



After months and months of searching for a VR4 exhaust system for my 95' SL, I elected to have a friend of mine who owns and operates "REDNECK GARAGE" outside of Tampa to build a custom system. "Scotty" has a shop that rivals many full-time muffler shops. I read and read on the board and came to realize that an "off the shelf" custom system was limited and quite costly.  And, most of them were limited to "cat-back" applications.


I initially began with a Flowmaster "50" series (which I later replaced with a Dynamax Flo-Pro). The Flowmaster produced a sound that was a little too loud for my conservative liking (click on Page 3 to hear the system).  I thought I would chronicle the removal and installation of a totally custom-built performance exhaust system.  I have divided the project into three (3) pages, which detail the factory system,  removal, of the factory system, placement of the new performance muffler, bending and cutting the 3" stainless pipe, custom building factory-style tips, and final welding.




This is what I began with....the FlowMaster 50 and four stainless tips!


Well folks, this is what the exhaust system looks like on the SL.  As you can see, two "downpipes" feed into the main 2-1/2" exhaust line. After passing through more bends than the Daytona Motor Speedway, catalytic converter, three resinators and large muffler, the exhaust sort of "limps" out the pipes. The pipes on the passenger side get their feed through the muffler only after passing through yet another resinator!! So, one can see the flow of the exhaust is most restrictive and begs for opening up!



This is it....the SL exhaust laid on the ground for your inspection. As you can see, there are a number of restrictions. 

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