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Hillsborough Community College


Fire Academy

Live Structure Burn



Hillsborough Community College Fire Academy Class (DC-2) conducted their live structure burn, as a capstone to their training.  After nearly 20 grueling weeks of training every day in the hot Florida sun, these fine men and women are well on their way to becoming Florida State Certified Firefighters.  Thanks to Chief Mike Shladrauff and Chief Fred Beckner of Citrus County Fire Rescue for making their burn simulator available. 


Fire Academy Students before the burn

Chief Fred Beckner gives a pre-burn safety briefing

Dance with the Devil!

"Group 4..... gear up and get ready!!"

Teams staged for the next attack sequence

Instructors Reynolds & Chacon

Menendez, Taylor, & Warf show a little affection (maybe a little too much!) before the burn

Firefighter pre-entry briefing

Chief Reynolds gives pre attack instructions


A Nervous energy before the attacks begin!!

An attack team gets ready