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The Knights of St. John assisted the Habitat for Humanity recently as over 500 volunteer builders raised several new houses in the Grant Park area of Tampa.  Krewe members cooked over 1,500 hot dogs and hamburgers for the hungry workers.  Not only did we use our "Grill Talents", but we were also called to duty to assist a Habitat member who experienced medical problems.  Our own Fire Medic Steve Lozano assisted the citizen.  We also arranged with Fire Rescue and Habitat to have an Advanced Life Support Rescue on standby for future events.

I would like to ENCOURAGE anyone who is interested to contact Habitat and volunteer your time and experience.  It truly is a worthwhile cause and helps those in need.

Special Thanks to Firefighter Troy Onan, Firefighter Brian Muldowney, and FireMedic Steve Lozano!!


Chief Reynolds