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Chris' New 3K GT Exhaust System

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Next was the custom tips... We started with four stainless steel 3" rolled tips.  Next, we cut and bent 2-1/2" and welded the edges, then cut it to fit a 3" pipe.  As you can see in the center photo, they closely resemble the factory tips-- only MUCH better!  For one thing, they're larger (3") and fully functional!  The last photo shows the completed tips. I have to tell you, the larger diameter looks a lot more aggressive than the standard tips. 

After the tips were built, the next step was to lift them into place under the rear bumper. This took a little time-- it was important to ensure the tips were symmetrical and evenly spaced under the rear end.  Once the placement was double checked, they were welded into place. The center photo shows the completed passenger side. The last photo shows the completed TRUE dual tips.  Oh, one thing I forgot to mention-- the difference in power is impressive!!  Low end torque did NOT suffer- in fact, quite the opposite. There is plenty of low end power and DEFINITELY  improved top end! Hell, it's a new car....not bad for a 95!  The next thing to do........ click on the link below and listen to the SWEET, SWEET sound!!!  


Listen to the NEW TONE!!!!!   

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Any SL owner who in the West Central Florida area who would like Scotty to build the same system for them, please send me an e-mail and I will forward the info to you (and Scotty).  FloridaFireFighter ('Chris')


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