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Chris' New 3K GT


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After removal of the old system, the first step was to position the new muffler and assure it was level. SL owners-- there is a lot of room under there! Fortunately, Mitsubishi has the space and hangers for the VR4 system which yields lots of room for us!  One modification that we considered making (which we did not) was the removal of the metal "box" hanger seen on the first  and second picture (immediately in front of the dual outlets on the muffler). As you will see later, we had to bend outlet pipes to accommodate this box.

We then had to custom build a connection for the flexpipe (which is immediately after the area where the "down pipes" connect. Really a simple process...We began with a standard exhaust flange and welded a 3" stainless pipe ( Pic 3).

After welding the 3" pipe on the flange, it was fitted to the existing pipe.  Scotty then measured, bent, and cut the 3" pipe that led from the custom flange to the new muffler.

With the new 3" pipe installed, we then cut and welded it into place. In the 3rd pic, Scotty is just checking for proper alignment before committing to building the duals.

In the factory exhaust, there is a support bracket near the front downpipes.  We had to custom build a support bracket out of band steel and a steel rod. As you can see, it was fairly simple to construct and install. This bracket is important, however, as it supports the entire front of the system.

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